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Trinity Legal Clinic of Oklahoma, Inc. is an Oklahoma not-for-profit corporation offering legal services to needy individuals at various community-based organizations in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. | Mission Statement

Legal Clinic at Crossings Community Center

Trinity Legal holds a clinic at the Crossings Community Center, a ministry of Crossings Community Church. Clinics are held twice a month, on alternating Mondays and Fridays. The clinic at Crossings Community Center has met with over 100 clients and has over 15 different Attorneys that volunteer their time at this clinic location.

Legal Clinic at Cross and Crown Mission

On May 16, 2007, Trinity Legal began providing free legal services to clients of the Cross and Crown mission. Trinity Legal now holds a weekly clinic at Cross and Crown every Wednesday, except the first week of the month. The Trinity Legal Clinic at Cross and Crown has served over 189 clients, and has approximately 11 different volunteer attorneys that consistently donate their time at this clinic.

Legal Clinic at City Rescue Mission

Trinity Legal opened its first clinic on June 19th, 2007 at the City Rescue Mission, offering its residents legal consultations and assistance. Trinity Legal Clinic is at the Mission every Tuesday, except for the first week of the month.  The Trinity Legal Clinic Attorneys have served over 196 clients at City Rescue Mission. Approximately 12 Attorneys volunteer consistently volunteer at this location.